About Radiesse®

What Is Radiesse®?

Collagen and elastin are naturally occurring proteins in the body that give skin its thickness and elasticity, but we progressively lose collagen and elastin over time. 

While Radiesse® is not a collagen-based or hyaluronic acid injection, it does stimulate collagen production with fewer side-effects and more natural-looking results. Radiesse® offered at Liquid Luxury Aesthetics is a more modern dermal filler that can eliminate moderate to deep wrinkles so you can look in the mirror and see a younger-looking you.


How Does Radiesse® Work?

The active ingredient in Radiesse® is calcium hydroxylapatite, which does not cause skin irritation in most patients regardless of their skin type. Known as a volumizing filler, Radiesse® works by filling in lines and wrinkles, while stimulating new collagen production to help your skin regain its elasticity and tone. Radiesse® is also an effective way to restore volume to the cheeks, neck, arms, above the knees and the back of the hands.


What Conditions Does Radiesse® Treat?

Radiesse® to treat the following conditions that may be present on the face or hands:

  • Volume loss in the cheeks, nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Defining jaw line
  • Crepey skin or thinning skin in the neck, arms, knees


During/After A Radiesse® Treatment

Before the procedure, our providers will mark the areas to be treated where the injections will occur and apply a topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort during treatment.

The injections themselves are delivered with a fine gauge needle and may involve multiple injections depending on which areas are being treated. Afterwards, we will offer you an ice pack or over-the-counter pain medication to manage any pain or swelling. You can resume regular activity immediately after receiving Radiesse® injections.

Patients may experience swelling, pain, lumpiness, and bruising for a few days after a Radiesse® treatment, but these side effects typically resolve within a week. After bruising and swelling have subsided, you will experience natural-looking results; hollow cheeks will look fuller, creases near the nose and mouth will be less evident, and wrinkled skin will appear smoother and younger-looking.


Who Is A Good Candidate For Radiesse®?

Anyone looking to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles who is in good health, does not smoke, and has no conflicting health issues is a good candidate for this treatment. However, Radiesse® may not be appropriate for treating deep scars, in which case a more ablative treatment may be recommended.


How Long Does A Radiesse® Treatment Last?

Radiesse®, as with all dermal fillers, is not a permanent treatment. However, since its active ingredient stimulates collagen production, a single treatment can last up to 18 months depending on the patient. Our providers can schedule regular treatments so you can stay looking youthful and refreshed.


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